What is Delta Home?

Delta Home is a program that helps take the worry out of your golden year. In order to be eligible for this program:

- Applicants must be a member of Delta Theta Tau

- Have held active, associate or alumnae membership for at least seven (7) years

- Have paid her Delta Home dues of $2 per year (or paid $100 instead of annual payments

-Be 60 years of age, except under exigent circumstances

-Applicant must have need of financial assistance for residency in a licensed home or for living expenses in other situations

How Can You Apply?

- Applications can be obtained from the President of the Directorate, Laura Gullett, lagdtt@gmail.com or by phone at 260-251-1327

- All information on the form must be certified as correct and the Directorate must be authorized to make financial inquiries if necessary

- Information on the application form will be kept confidential by the Directorate

The Delta Home Directorate is an appointed committee.

President: Laura Gullett, PNP
Vice President: Brenda Watkins
Secretary: Jean Stomberski
Treasurer: Terri Shannon, PNP
Directorate Members: Bev Edwards & Marcia Swift

Delta Home Registrar: Charlotte Marengo, PNP (Theta Iota)