National President's Theme

The 2022-2023 National President is Julie Callis.

As I was thinking for my Presidency year, I kept coming back to the theme that has been instilled in me by my employer of over 40 years that also relates to what we as Delta sisters achieve to accomplish. Therefore, my theme is "Gathering, Growing and Giving with Grace and Gratitude".

Gathering represents our Chapter meetings, Province Conventions, National Conventions and our Philanthropy fundraisers. We work side-by-side, bonding our relationships through friendships and servitude, while conducting the businesses of the sorority and providing assistance throughout our communities. It adds an excitement to our souls.

Growing is the area where we really need to expand. We need to ask our friends, our family, our co-workers, and acquaintances to join our Chapters, and then invite them to attend Province Convention, and National Convention so they can enjoy and learn the workings of Delta Theta Tau Sorority. We have added three new Chapters this past year. The growth is so exciting, and we must continue to bloom and grow as Delta sisters.

Giving is the ultimate goal of a Delta Sister. To provide to those in need in our communities. To assist NFED in changing the lives of children all across the country. To provide educational grants to those striving to increase their knowledge to make a change in someone's life through Counseling. As well as many other National Projects, we have sponsored. This in addition to all of the giving on our Chapter and Province levels too not just financially but also our time given in service to others.

Grace used as a noun is "courteous goodwill" or as a verb is "to do honor or credit to someone or something by one's presence". We as Delta Sisters have love in our hearts and are a presence in our communities. If we continue to express our "courteous goodwill" and "honor those in our presence", we will continue our legacy, which began in 1903. We will grow and women will want to join our special group after seeing the love and kindness in our hearts as we serve our communities.

Gratitude is to be thankful for all of your Delta Sisters in your Chapters, Provinces, and at National Convention. I am thankful for the knowledge shared by the Past National Presidents and Officers, knowledge that continues to strengthen our sorority's leadership. I am so grateful to have worked with the past and current National Officers that I have, who only want the best for Delta Theta Tau Sorority. We have bonded even closer while installing the new chapters and celebrating the growth of the sorority. I am blessed to have my Chapter Sisters who have supported me, guided me and loved me for so many years. I adore and appreciate them all more than they will ever know. All of my Delta Sisters are my friends for life. I see the kindness in each of you, and your wiliness to help where needed. I am grateful for each of you and the work you do rather in hours served, money raised, or both. Each of you are essential in keeping the Delta Theta Tau alive. Thank you to Teresa McAlister for planting those seeds in my mind that I could one day be a National Officer. I am grateful for the love and support of my family, who have accepted that Delta Theta Tau is an essential part of my life. Lastly, I want to thank my Mom who is one of those blooms beyond the wall, for sharing her love of Delta Theta Tau with me. I will be eternally grateful.

So remember this year, to smile and encourage as we are "Gathering, Growing, and Giving with Grace and Gratitude".

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Imagine having a group of sisters and friends that you rely on in all aspects of life. Delta Theta Tau's values and mission are much more than a sorority, it is a way of life.